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For over 30 years, we have been committed to offering a professional service


We are pleased to offer our customers a complete customized design and production service, the result of years of experience in the sector. Each project is conceived with the utmost care and precision to best meet your specific needs.

We invite you to discover our working method, characterized by clearly defined phases:

  • Technical and Economic Analysis: The solid foundation on which we build each project, guaranteeing a complete vision of your needs.

  • Hardware and Software Design: The art of transforming ideas into reality, with innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

  • Choice of Components: The constant search for quality, guaranteeing reliable and long-lasting performance.

  • Product Technical Specifications: Every detail is carefully taken care of to ensure maximum precision and functionality.

  • Sampling Creation: The moment your project comes to life, through prototypes.

  • Production: The final step towards creating the product on a large scale, with the same attention to detail as always.


In over thirty years of activity, we have achieved significant milestones in a wide range of sectors, including telematic recorders, data processing equipment, electro-medical devices, energy distribution, telecommunications, military and transport sectors, including areas such as nautical, railway and avionics.




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